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if u feel like sliding off the chair is becos of the material on the seat and also your pants...and also, the way you sit..

even buying a $1.5k Herman Miller, you wouldn't wanna sit the way you normally do (that is, the way that you will think you will slide off the seat...)

I will sure provide a good review on the chair..after hunting for a similar chair like Herman's Aero...I know what to look out for...the only problem why I didn't buy a herman is, there's not head rest....and the price is really steep !

TS: u sure can refund if I feel that the chair is as bad as vhive DYNA ?
Yes.. If mine is as bad as DYNA.
I dun wanna have a bad reputation over here as well. But most impt thing is I have confident with the chair I am selling. Haha
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