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the no min. comm. is the biggest draw for me

so paul, i save u the trouble and call them myself
firstly, the tel no. given on the promo site - 1800 747 700 - is NOT the no. to call
it should be 1800 242 5333
1st operator gave me the run-around, promising the trading side will call me back... its been 1hr.. no call back...
2nd operator gave me the correct no. to call...

this is what i got;
The min. comm. is an ongoing thing... its not a promo..
the promo is the 2 free trades

The custodian of your shares is confirm - SCB will keep your shares
there's no custodian fees
but if u prefer to move your shares to CDP, u can request SCB to do so and they'll arrange it - again, no fees for this

for myself, the 2 free trades promo is no biggie... i'll standby and see what are the actual experiences...
(i'm secretly hoping for the no min. comm. practice to catch on) :p
Just open esaver today.
For the transfer of securities to CDP, officer who assist me told me transfer fee i have to pay myself, think is 10.60 from CDP website.

Dont think there is any link to CDP with this SCB trading acct.
Thus whatever we hold in CDP currently we cant sell them through SCB, if not it will be a short sell i think.
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