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Talking Wow.

Great thread about cat food!

I am now feeding my cat Taste of The Wild. But thinking to change cos I have been doing my own research lately. This is what I got off the internet ----> "The first ingredients listed should be whole meat ingredients, protein sources, such as Chicken or Turkey. NOT just the word “meat”! The word Chicken Meal is ok, but it should be a secondary ingredient, not first. Meal is the meat dehydrated and ground into a powder." Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain flavor has chicken meal as its first ingredient. NOT that I am saying this is bad, but I think every cat lover would prefer not to, eh? The Canyon River Feline Formula is much better, "trout" as its first ingredient.

I quote this from a website about Wellness Core ----> "My cat has been on Wellness Core for over a year. My cat just got struvite crystals which completely blocked his urethra which can be life threatening. We took him to an emergency clinic. If you read literature on struvite crystals, it clearly states feeding them vitamin C over an extended period can cause the crystals. Wellness Core contains 200mg of ascorbic acid. Although I can’t say for sure, but I believe this to be the cause of the crystals as my cat is only 2 years old and crystal blockage of the urethra tends to occur at age 7 and up." and another ----> "My wife and I were just instructed by our vet to take our cats off of wellness core cat food (a 1 year old cat and a 5 year old). Our 5 year old had a very high amount of struvite crystals in her urine at last checkup and had never had such an issue before eating Wellness Core." And I found 4 or 5 (maybe more) more reviews that says the same about the blockage and crystals found in cats' urine. I am guessing this is a very good dry cat food indeed, but then we should alternate from this brand to another and not stay with one brand for too long?

Does anyone recommend Orijen? I heard about the 2008 Australian recall cat food. I sent them an email asking them if Orijen distributed in Singapore are safe for cats' consumption and have yet to receive a reply. What about Blue Buffalo Wilderness™ Chicken Recipe or Taste of the Wild "Canyon River" formula? Is anyone selling in Singapore?

If I were to mix 2 brands of cat food together, which are the best?

I love this thread, it's great, thank you all!

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