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Taste of the Wild, Solid Gold, Orijen, Acana; these brands are about as good as you can get for your cats. There is a few other quality ones but im leaving them out due to manufacture ethics (lack of) and animal testing. Wellness Core I'm not certain. Read that it has some manufacturer ethics issue but couldn't find anything detailed.

There will not be an ideal dry food, so its best to mix & rotate as different recipes will have their pros & cons. This way you will be covered & the cats will also not get bored eating the same food.

Ultimately, always remember to leave clean water for them. Many problems in cats can be traced back to a lack of water intake. So the dry food should be accompanied by a good proportion of wet/natural food. Try to wet the dry food before giving it to them. Try sprinkling some water initially. After a while they may even be used to eating them soggy. BARF seems to hold a lot of promise, and it's advocated strongly by some members here. But do your own research to feel confident about this

Regardless of whatever food, you must observe how it affects them over a period of them. The perfect food for 1 cat may affect another differently.

Price-wise, Polypets should be the cheapest. I buy more from 'The waterdish' due to their support of animal welfare activities. Haven't tried other shops but just sticking to what works for me. The price differences between most shops are really marginal unless you're feeding a huge amount of cats. So i tend to support shops im personally more comfortable with rather than the price.

I encourage everyone to avoid petshops which sell live animals, especially Pets Station who are really puppy/pet mills in disguise. They even attempted to give away live hamsters as free gifts recently.

Link below on the condition of their cats

The place is AWFUL
Went today. The place is horrible horrible horrible. The lights where the pets are kept are off, unless have customers wanna take a look. Meaning they are in perpetual darkness most of the time. Most of the cats there have eye infections, a couple with running noses, and saw one with injuries around ears and eyes. The litter tray was obviously not cleaned for some time, considering that a few cats are sharing just 1 and that with minimum level of litter sand in it.

Ask the staff and he all dunno. How old? Not sure. What breed? Er... dunno. God, the kittens there dun look more than 1 mth old!!

This pet shop has it's own farm, so it's breeding it's own stocks for sale. I dare not imagine the environment at the farm considering the environment in the shop. This is also the same chain that runs the shop at Jurong Pt. The situation there is only slightly better. It also runs a branch at Causeway Pt, but there dun sell pets cos it's inside the mall.


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