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Any reviews about Pet Tales in Jalan Eunos? I heard they breed their cats at their backyard. Can anyone confirm this?

Though I have a friend who bought a ragamuffin kitten there. She bought it at $800. The moment I looked at the kitten, I knew it was sick. I could see the kitten's spirit was kinda down, and she wasn't behaving like a playful kitten, more like an old washed up cat. Anyways, it turned out she was a really sick kitten. She was malnourished and had an stomach infection. My friend ended up boarding her to the animal hospital and ended up paying about $400+ for her to get well. Now she is better and almost a year old. Thank God.

Anyways, I have always been buying my cats' food there. If it is true that they breed their cats, then I will have to stop going to them. Not to mention that some of the toys they sell are old and need replacing. Condition of the shop not satisfactory either.
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