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After watching the movie today, I have compiled my own conclusion that will link the three movies together. I guess that is the most logical story link I can think of right now.

In Transformers, Megatron crash-landed on Earth and get frozen in the Arctic region accidentally. He was searching for the Cube so that he could use it to rebuild Cybertron and rule it as a dictator. Unfortunately, the Autobots managed to destroy the Cube in the movie and prevented the Decepticons from having it. At the same time, Megatron arrived on Earth accidentally for another secret reason. He made a deal with Sentinel Prime to wait for the essential parts of the Space Bridge. He knew that the Civil War had devastated Cybertron and there was nothing except wasteland to rule. Thus, the secret deal was a contingency plan for Megatron in reality. If he could get his hands on the Cube, he would eliminate Sentinel Prime when he reached Earth in the spaceship. Unfortunately, the latter was damaged and became adrift in deep space for a long time.

In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron's mentor, the Fallen, was planning to make a comeback to Earth after getting wounded and defeated by the Ancient Primes a long time ago. He planned to re-activate the ancient weapon to destroy the sun and convert its energy into Energon. The Decepticons planned to use the Energon cubes to rebuild Cybertron since the Cube was destroyed in the first movie. Thus, the Fallen's plan came into the picture but the former was not as keen as Megatron to save the homeworld of the Transformers. Unfrotunately, the ancient weapon was also destroyed and the Fallen was killed by Optimus Prime. At the same time, Megatron was badly wounded and forced to flee with Starscream.
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