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Hi guys,

Very interesting reads over these hundreds of pages! Looks like air-conditioners have a treasure trove of knowledge which is indeed impossible to comprehend totally.

I am getting some reno done recently, and my contractor quoted mitsubishi inverter mxy4a38va 2-msy-ge10va 1-msy-ge24va + 16mm water pipe 1/2" insulation and 23g copper. Together with concealed piping as well. I will be having 2 air con units in 2 rooms and 1 in the living room.

Was quoted a princely sum of SGD5k. Was quite surprised as i thought the costs were more towards sgd3k-ish.

Would like to seek the opinions of fellow forum users as to if this is reasonable.
the living rm FCU is 24k BTU? that's a pretty big unit. The copper pipes would be the larger in diameter - thus more exp. but still... a sys-3 inverter at $5k is pretty steep imo.

btw when i did my reno, i deal with my own air-con contractor directly.
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