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Yeah the living room's unit is 24k BTU. Rooms are at 10k BTU each so total of 44K BTU. Like overkill or a freezer already a nor? Haha.

And I'm not too sure if the pipes are going to be concealed in the walls, but yeah, I'm staying in a condo. Was told that the concealing cost is at about sgd1.5k already.

Waiting patiently for gurus' two cents.
firstly, i ain't no guru. but Terumo really knows his stuff.

imo, if you're staying in Condo, there should be existing concealed pipes. So u are changing exisiting concealed pipes? Is that why it is so exp?

but if your main con (pun intended ) is oredi doing the concealment, perhaps you've no choice but to go with this price.

But as core2max pointed out, maybe it's really that exp.

the compressor is pretty monsterous! 38k BTU!
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