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Pls feedback...looking forward for reviews from midea...cause i check with my far customer feedback is value for money...i hope to find out more before purchasing...
OK finally it was installed today,
took almost the whole day because the old setup and my current trunking route is different.
heard from my family member that it is also delayed due to the 2 installer argued and 1 left.

when using the old system my parents always set it to 18 degree Celsius and still feel that is not cold, as this new system they only needs to set it to 23 degree Celsius its cold enough for them.

of cos i am not saying that this aircon is good cos it is still new.

anyway the reasons why I am changing is due to the high electrical bill, so its my main concern.
Looking at the meter rotation so far, i think it better definitely.

will update when the bill comes
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