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HI Zen,

Thank you for your honest feedback. I fine that Abeyonic upgrading cost is generally cheaper than gain city and courts.

I did open the front cover of the aircon and was trying to compare with the rest of the brands at gain city.

I found out that the workmanship and design of the components inside is poor. Wire connecting to the front led is dangling. filter looks soft and clumsy. Whats that black velvet thing they place at the inner flip?

Wont it get stained after a long time once the cool air condences on it?

I'm also wondering why the parts only 2 years warranty whereas the rest is 5 years.

And also, i'm not too sure how reliable are their ion generator. If yo were to compare with sharp and samsng catalogu lots of industrial accrditation and seals were shown. but the MIdea catalogue, never show anything frmo industries.

These are just my worries. I dont mind trying Midea but just that I'm moving to my new house soon. So need to invest something long term.
Even if i want to buy, i will buy it before 25 July during the special discount.

Can i have all your feedbakcs on the above?

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