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Not all TCM can be trusted.

Once visited a TCM at Redhill area, was told I have 4 piles in my rectum. And each pile requires 4 treatments, so that's altogether 16 sessions.

What is funny is that I don't even have blood in my feaces, and how can there be piles in my rectum. I went there to look for him to treat the piles outside the rectum, which he said he can't help much. And that was the last time I visit that TCM.

I went to the local polyclinic for diagnosis. The newbie doctor asked a lot of qns pertaining to my sexuality and even sent me for a HIV test.

I am really disappointed with the medical standard.

In the end, I read an article from the newspaper on kegel exercise.

After a week of doing the exercise, the piles just subsided on its own.

As much as possible, try not to seek any medical treatment for piles.

Just watch your diet and take more high in fibre food. Do not exert too much strength when you sh!t and exercise your PC muscle.
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