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Yes, the hot water did flow out but slowly. Is there any possibility that there is condensation on the cooling fins?
At present just live with it. Every night just put a small container to collect water droplets. The amount collected is about 500ml, lesser than 2 drink cans.

Thanks again for your concern. I appreciate the many concern buddies in this thread.
firstly, you're welcomed. we're all here to share experiences and learn from each other.

condensation on the cooling fins is CONFIRMED, it's all physics and so happens on all FCU. that's why there's a pipe to drain the water.

usually, air-con maintenance guys would take a jug of water and pour directly into the fins and observe if the water is drained out smoothly.

for me, i would remove the FCU cover and observe exactly where the water is coming from. 500ml imo is a lot and suggests clogged drainage, but you mentioned declogging with chemical was tried... hm... ask terumo.
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