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hi guys..
i love knives too..

always wanted to carry one in my bag like u know, u never u might need them n they can come in handy. like cut boxers, strings etc.

but is it legal to bring in ur bag? what if u go thru a spot check etc?

and can we bring it in and out of singapore, for lets say backpacking etc.

cos it wud be sad to buy a quality knive but only can use at home or be used for display la i think..

hope u guys can enlighten me a bit
I carry a small honeybee on the key chain, got checked and passed on the streets but not allowed into building checkpoints and nightspots.. so generally, best not to carry one. I have a knife kept at my office and it stays there for those task.

Bringing in and out of customs during travel, no issues as long as u pack with sporting equipment or in check in luggage when u fly. Do note if u travel to some countries, it's not legal to carry so do check the laws if u go urban backpacking. Hiking on the other hand, check with your guides.. Most place I've been to doesn't require anything more than a small 2 inch knife (for safety) unless it's an expedition into virgin/difficult territory..

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