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July 2011

Shin Yuu (Closed)
Japanese Ala Carte Lunch Buffet

Date: 30th July 2011 (Saturday)
Location: Shin Yuu (greenwood Ave off Bukit Timah Rd, behind NJC)
Time: 12pm to 3pm
Price: $36.90++

1) twtan
2) twtan's guest
3) twtan's guest
4) twtan's guest


Moriawase - Mixture of Tuna, Kingfish, Salmon, Swordfish, Octopus and White Tuna.

Wafu Steak

Grilled Salmon Fishhead

Aburi Salmon Sushi

Hotate Mentaiyaki

See the pictures here.

Click to join >> HWZ's Makan Session

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