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The Bravo2 is looking good
Btw, i think i read it somewhere before that Spyderco treats their salt series' lock and pivot to be rust proof too.
How about capisian salt?
It's treated, but they don't last.. Even the fixed blades salt and h1 series will rust.. they are resistant/stainless, but not rust proof.. Unless the user is one to always dismantle the blade and do an all round maintenance on the pivots and internals, it's better to just use a fixed blade..

Post dive already there is alot of equipment to wash and clean, I'm the lazy kind and just soak my shears and blade in fresh water and glob a generous amount of petroleum jelly pre and post dive..

EDIT: By the way, rust or not, the knife is still functional.. I carry a stainless mora that has rust but I still use them and they function still.. so as long as u dun mind rust, it's fine.. I'm just referring to the concern on the effects of rust and weakening of the structural pivot which might affect safety in a dive that's all. Always have a backup.

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