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It's treated, but they don't last.. Even the fixed blades salt and h1 series will rust.. they are resistant/stainless, but not rust proof.. Unless the user is one to always dismantle the blade and do an all round maintenance on the pivots and internals, it's better to just use a fixed blade..

Post dive already there is alot of equipment to wash and clean, I'm the lazy kind and just soak my shears and blade in fresh water and glob a generous amount of petroleum jelly pre and post dive..

EDIT: By the way, rust or not, the knife is still functional.. I carry a stainless mora that has rust but I still use them and they function still.. so as long as u dun mind rust, it's fine.. I'm just referring to the concern on the effects of rust and weakening of the structural pivot which might affect safety in a dive that's all. Always have a backup.
Understand. Looking at folder as they are much smaller. I find the fixed blades kinda too long for my liking. So thinking of keeping it around 4 inch. I guess i'll just have to weigh the pros and cons. I do not mind doing post dive maintenance after the trip and throw the knife into the basin with my camera after every dives. Since I am the type that will strip my torch all up to clean as well. Lucky I only dive around 4 times a yr for now.

Will soaking the knife and rinsing it with running water and dripping some oil at the hinge be sufficient?
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