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Understand. Looking at folder as they are much smaller. I find the fixed blades kinda too long for my liking. So thinking of keeping it around 4 inch. I guess i'll just have to weigh the pros and cons. I do not mind doing post dive maintenance after the trip and throw the knife into the basin with my camera after every dives. Since I am the type that will strip my torch all up to clean as well. Lucky I only dive around 4 times a yr for now.

Will soaking the knife and rinsing it with running water and dripping some oil at the hinge be sufficient?
Actually if you're just cutting cord, I recommend the eezycut trilobite.. I use that now, one side for cutting and i keep the other side untouched for emergency.. It's also very compact! I also carry a shear as backup.. Soaking it is fine, but be careful of grit and sand.. The fine sea sand can tear up the moving parts very fast when u open the knife.. Just as all the dive gear, cam housing and torch, rinse out all the sand.... Then store the knife well oiled should be fine.

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