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My obsession with knives ignited when my mum brought me to watch Greystoke Tarzan (the one by Christopher Lambert) at Capitol cinema in the 1984

Bro, save yourself while you still can... I already kena poison deep deep until I am an addict now... buy all these knives only to be stored in the cabinet with no chance to use at all... I already completed my reservist liao so no more out field

My wife complain non stop and I may need to check myself in for rehabilitation soon... so dun be like me spend lots of money on white elephant
Already spent everything i have on knives.. T.T but i've already got a knife to cover my 'needs' so i'm slowing down.. no more safe queens for me! I haven't even go NS yet. So MAYBE i'll get to use some of my knives next time.
Now use the money to go places to climb instead.

BTW people i'm still looking to sell my BM530 brand new! Ordered extra last time.
Live to paddle and climb.

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