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why so many questions? im not working for SCB. but im willing to help them because they are my favorite bank now. i hope they roll out more goodies in future

so only way to do so is:

1. transfer from other banks to standchart savings account
2. transfer internally from SC savings account to settlement account
3. buy from market using standchart platform
Yes thats right.

Tried the interface, like not very friendly?

Must know stock quote to add to watchlist?
why is it so tough? do you need a fanciful platform with higher charges or do you need a simple platform less all the useless charges? its your choice. all you need to do is open SGX website to get all the stock codes and enter into SCB.

may i know typically how long does it take for SCB to credit the shares to our SCB account? Next business day?
follow the standard settlement with the other brokers. T+4 if i am not wrong. but i believe, you can sell once you purchased. because you have already paid for your shares and SCB will do the offset. this is something i have not tried though.

Can someone explain to me the procedure for buying US$ denominated shares? Is the share settlement account is a S$ account? Does that mean that SCB automatically converts US$ to S$ or...?
you need to fund your FCY account with USD. upon doing a transfer of SGD -> USD, you will be asked a confirmation whether you want to accept their conversion rate.

now still cannot mobile trade ??
you can. use a smartphone browser that can set the user agent as a desktop. go google to find out for iphone. use dolphin mini browser for android.
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