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Being a Mobile-ASV panel(Thanks haonan for correcting =D) the sharpness and color contrast of the screen is nothing less then amazing,bright and sharp even under sunlight,176 deg viewing angel.
If it is in 3D Mode obviously the view angel is limited by the in-built polarizer.

Nothing fancy here,just simple plain and nice,user friendly also.

This phone seem to fly through with minimal lag, if i am not wrong this phone is powered by a 2nd generation Snapdragon processor at 1GHZ.

Battery life-3/5
What can you expect from a 820mah battery powering such a phone? i would say based on the capacity its pretty decent to last me one day with some surfing and communication already. I wonder why sharp decided to use such a small capacity cell,maybe its the formfactor of the phone or they wanna keep it light

Camera performance-4/5
16.1 Megapixels that has more Megapixel count than mmy D90,which means on such a small sensor noise is inevitable,but for a camera phone its very amazing already. Video recorded are also pretty good.
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