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Hi, i'm quite new to this porter stuff. though ive done some research, id like to check with the experts if my understanding is correct in terms of purchasing bags from those online stores. Obviously, we can't find the old models from the official site. Let's compare the Tanker shoulder bag as an example (Medium, Navy)

(This is a medium Tanker shoulder bag, dimensions: W280 H200 D110 mm). Total price incl. shipping = JPY 17,000. (bag-15,000 JPY + 2,000 JPY-Shipping) --> around S$265 (based on

2. (same bag as #1)
Quoted in USD 270 --> around S$325 based on (Not sure if it includes shipping)

3. (This one is MS size and smaller dimensions)
quoted JPY 19,800 --> around S$310 based on (not sure if it includes shipping).

Based on these prices, one should buy from the official headporter shop right coz it's the cheapest. Am i missing something?

Would appreciate your help. Thanks!
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