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Hi Porterheads.

Just ordered a new wallet from and then got second thoughts regarding the fukushima drama.

Don't want to be a negative bitch, but if I'm gonna wear something in my pocket all day for the next few years it better not be radioactive

Anyone know where their factory is located and whats possible being done as security measurements?
No real idea where's their domestic factory for manufacturing all those bags/wallets merchandise, but it's definitely manufactured/produced in JP itself. However I think for your question it's probably way out of context, as tbh I would be more worried if you were talking about consuming their domestic food products such as milk, beef or fish products, as those are most likely to be heavily affected by the 3/11 Fukushima nuclear incident.

If you are really that worried for your own specific health reasons, my only advice for you would be to just avoid buying japanese labels like Porter/Headporter from now on.
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