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Sales/Transfer Of KrisFlyer Miles Are Prohibited

Dear Travel and Accomodation/HWZ Forum users,

It has come to our attention from Singapore Airlines that there has been widespread sales of Krisflyer Miles in the Travel and Accommodation forum.

This violates clauses 5.3.2 and 5.3.3 of our Member Conditions, which everyone has agreed to upon signing up for a HWZ account:

5.3.2 you will not offer for sale items and/or services which are illegal, banned, unlicensed, controlled, or socially or morally reprehensible items;

5.3.3 you will not offer for sale items and/or services, or submit, upload or publish User Content, in an incorrect or inappropriate category or area on the Site, including without limitation posting unauthorised advertisements in any forum, discussion or message boards that is open and accessible to users of the Services; and

Sales threads should not be held in the Travel and Accommodation forum. This violates clause 5.3.3

Singapore Airlines has also informed us that under KrisFlyer programme terms and conditons,

7. The sale or barter of KrisFlyer miles, PPS Value, award tickets or other benefits is prohibited and will result in cancellation of these miles, PPS Value, award tickets and/or other benefits. Members who breach this rule may also be liable for damages, litigation and transaction costs.

As such, we will be thrashing all threads pertaining to the sales of KrisFlyer miles with immediate effect. Appeals to restore these threads will not be entertained. HardwareZone does not approve of the sales of transferal of KrisFlyer Miles.
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