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Interesting review there, thanks for sharing with us speedknight. But I thought maybe I should clear up and clarify some misinformation posted here, as Sharp handsets whether they are made/sold by NTT Docomo/Softbank/au KDDI, Sharp has never coupled any IPS panel displays for their own handsets as they do manufacture their own AQUOS LCD panels/Mobile-ASV panels natively in Japan, and the ones utilised in 007SH are known as their Mobile-ASV panels, or more specifically New Mobile-ASV displays, to differentiate between their newer and older produced prototypes. (included a chart below for everyone's reading benefit)

In fact, according to their own press release for the Sharp 007SH, the 007SH model is using a variant of the Mobile-ASV display that only reproduces only up to 65k colors (and viewing angles is only up to 176-degrees, not 178 as stated by speedknight), as opposed to the 16.7 million colors displays usually used in their earlier handsets. My belief is because as these newer 2011 handsets are having the 2D/3D switchable support for their display screens, there's this hardware limitation built into it, which may be lifted in future variants.

Thanks for the correction bro updated everything

Q1:Hello. Can you tell me, if there is no possibility to use 3G, is it possible to stay online via wi-fi? Does internet works through GPRS?
Q2oes GPS works? Will it works, if I install the navigation program?
Thank you.

Q1:Yes and is mention in the video
Q2: Yes it work.
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