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i did get a consultation by their optometrist and did not just get it off the shelf like what you said. As i said, i was told by the person that due to my astig, the sides of my lens are abit thicker than the center, hence the discomfort at the sides when i first put it on.

as for the long hour usage, i guess its really my wrong. i would say that the best duration to put on the lens are between 6-7 hrs. top.
what kind of contact lens consultation did you get? If it's merely getting the degree of your eyes, it's just partly done. many optomertrists do not do a proper contact lens fitting consultation because it's time consuming and customers are not willing to pay for a proper consultation.

If you have not worn a particular lens before, it's always advisable to get a trial fit, to see if the lens is suitable for you. A trial fit does not mean requesting a pair of lens and then wearing it yourself and see if it's suitable. The optometrist actually has to check and make sure the lens fit properly.

As for your case, what if you can't get used to the lenses that you have bought? Are they going to exchange it for you? or are you going to live with the discomfort, and possibly causing more harm to your eyes since you have already bought the lenses?
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