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Please read before organizing or participating in any of the outing.

The first person in the list will assume the organizer role, any person(s) wishing to join the outing, please indicate your interest in this thread and PM (Private Message) your contact number to him/her.

  • For member bringing their own guest(s), you will be responsible for your own guest's attendance and to update the organizer of any changes in advance.
  • For member not attending the event but registering on behalf for their own guest(s), no matter how mysterious the guest might be, you are required to inform the organizer of your guest's name and contact number.
  • Kindly keep yourself updated on the status or changes to the outing on the first page of the current Buffetlicious! thread or the last page of Makan Sessions 2014.

TBC (To Be Confirmed) Participant
If you are under TBC (To Be Confirmed) status, please have the basic courtesy to confirm your attendance at least one day (24hrs) in advance so others will have a chance to participate. If the restaurant requires a minimum number of diners to enjoy a discount, for example: 1 dines for free with 3 paying customers, you may be requested to find a replacement or else it will not be fair to the other 3 persons who are going.

Those who confirmed first will be given the priority over those under TBC (To Be Confirmed) status.

Change of Headcount
Inform the organizer on the total number of adult/child coming. Should there be any changes in the headcount attending, member shall inform organizer, subjected to availability of slots as well as any penalties if restaurant requires certain minimum numbers for discounts.

Lastly, enjoy your meals and do take some photographs to share.

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