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is there anyway to keep the serrations? it gets kinda helpful when removing bark from tree branches

the other side looks about the same too though.
If you have a Dremel you can cut serrations with a carbide burr. I have no other idea how you could pull it off. Unless you have the steady hands of a surgeon and the precision of an industrial robot I suggest just using a sharpening stone to turn it into a plain edge. The plus point is the steel on Victorinox knives are really easy to sharpen so it'll likely be a 15-20 minutes tops if you use a cheap combination stone.

I don't know how you use serrations to remove bark... I just came home from fishing and used my plain edged Delica to remove bark from a thin branch and whittled a point on it, used it as an improvised rod stand. Seems to work just fine. In case anyone was wondering... I came home empty handed, caught 3 huge terrapins... after the third one you kind of get the message it is time to move on. LOL

FWIW it is a user knife. Don't be too hard on your friend.

A tip... When I remove bark from small branches and twigs I use the unsharpened side of the blade (the spine). Of course this works only on fixed blades and locking folders. It's best if it has a very thin and/ or squared spine. This way I keep the edge on my blade longer.

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