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Don't believe everything that you see in the you see in the movies. If knives were very effective at killing people, guns and other methods of killing would never have been invented. When people get killed it is inevitably kitchen knives that was used. Unfortunately every household has one of those. For that matter when was the last time you heard a soldier killing someone with his bayonet or knife?

I remember watching Rambo grabbing a man from behind and slitting his throat in the movies... Nope those things don't happen much either. Breaking a grown man's neck with a simple twist, slicing a man in half with an energy sword (think Jedi knights!)... well you get the message.

Thing is we grew up watching these movies and they conditioned us to think people buy "these kind of knives" to kill people when it couldn't be further from the truth. In honest truth I'm used to people reacting that way when they see my collection... "What are you planning to do, kill someone?" LOL
Well, a small folding knife with a sharp blade could be seen as a concealed weapon. I don't think you can drive to JB with that in your car.

where do you people get your knives? online?
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