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Thanks for your prompt reply chungliang!

Yes my flat is a new flat so very small... sigh. Most of the time 3 air-cons will not be on at the same time, the most 2 at the same time for bed-rooms.

Do you think the self drying feature is important? This is the only factor which is pushing me away from Mitsubishi Electric...

As for the insulation, the supplier will provide 1/2 inch...

What is your view on Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial series? From what I know it comes with the auto drying feature right? I inquired to the supplier on the phone however the lady kept mentioning it is no good (made in Thailand, spare parts have to wait for very long)

Thanks again!
tink 3MKS50ESG will be gd enough for u. some more its R410A. it will sure to cool faster compare to R22 if u were to on all 3 bedrooms.

mine is a MA56EV1 daikin non-inverter. doesnt hav any self cleaning feature, so i use manual lo. my parents already used to switch to fan mode after she wake up, after like 30mins later switch off.

of cos it can be a important feature when u press "on/off" button on the remote, and the unit helps u to do the job.

i only know little ppl using Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial. u can jus look through yr blk. most using daikin, panasonic, mitsubishi electric.
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