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Thanks everyone for your kind advice!

My last two choices:

1. Daikin inverter system 3 3MKD75DVM / FTKD25 X 3 (3 ticks R22) - S$2999
Pros: Cheaper maintenance, auto fan drying feature, matt surface finishing (subjective lol) and it's a Daikin!
Cons: Higher price, Slightly higher energy consumption, not environmental friendly, not as efficient comparatively.

2. Mitsubishi Electric inverter system 3 MXY3A28 / MSYGE10VA X 3 (4 ticks R410A) -S$2899
Pros: Cheaper price, Slightly lower energy consumption, environmental friendly, using R410A gas so more efficient and cooler.
Cons: Higher maintenance cost, no auto fan drying feature, no fan mode (??,need to confirm).

Should I be more environmental conscious and show more concerns to our mother earth by choosing R410A? Or should I be more friendly with my wallet by choosing R22 considering the lower maintenance cost in long term?
Hi X18,

Yes, you should show concerns to our mother earth. I am using R410A. I bought the new Mitsubishi Heavy SCM60ZJ-S / SRK25ZJ-S x 2 instead of Daikin. I am quite happy with it. Becaause it has less noisy and allow comfortable cool. Thanks to my parent for fixed choosing the Mitsubishi Heavy.

Sorry for my bad english.
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