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I went to Best Tech at IMM today and the Sales lady mentioned something which is contradicting to what I have learned from this thread.

1. She mentioned that Kflex class 1 insulation is actually better than Armaflex class 0. She showed me the samples of both and pointed out that the Kflex material is more dense compared to Armaflex class 0. When I looked at both indeed Kflex is more dense.

2. When I requested for 1/2" insulation rather than the standard 3/8", she mentioned it serves no purpose and I'm only wasting my money.

3. She also mentioned that the size of the water outlet point for all air-cons are actually the same hence even if I upgrade from 13mm to 16mm it does not really help.

4. Lastly, she mentioned that most of residential fire insurance only covers for those with insulation of class 1 but not class 0 ??

Would appreciate all the air-cons gurus here can comment and advise on the above statements...

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