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The class 0 and class 1 refers to the fire rating properties of the insulation. I dont think it has anything to do with which one can absorb water better from the piping.

If you use 16mm instead of 13mm, it will have more space for the water to flow and for dirt build up despite all aircon outlets is if the same size.
I will say 16mm will prolong the time taken for water leak to happen. It will not prevent the issue. Only way to prevent it is with regular servicing.

Amraflex is more commonly used by aircon installers. Installer will not want to use a material that will give problems later on as they provide a one year warrt.
1/2 insulation is more commonly used for aircon piping that are installed above false ceiling to help better prevent condensation as the ceiling is of a different temp then the room.

For the insurance thing, i am not sure. I would not comment.
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