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anyone bought from before?
So far from what I understand, the only official local stockist for Headporter goods is Surrender store here, while I don't think there's any local stockist for Porter Tokyo (Yoshidakaban) line of merchandises, but you can always purchase yrself online from Global Rakuten market like what others have mentioned, just have to take note those Rakuten online stores stating clearly that they do support Rakuten Borderless or Rakuten International Shipping Service (EMS), if not they will just reject your order.

So no I will not recommend purchasing anything from or any local blog shops for that matter. At least the above-mentioned methods are safe enough to know you are purchasing authentic goods and not fakes, and if you haven't checked out the Mass Order Corner, there's already someone else doing an MO for Yoshida Porter/Headporter merchandises if you would like to save on shipping costs.

Cannot seem to find coolcat on rakuten leh. Anyone got a link?
Hi Vulpix, I think lemme clarify abit here. Actually it's already being shared sometime back in 2009 Cool Cat has stopped catering to overseas customers outside of JP, and this won't change the fact even if you attempt to make a purchase from their Rakuten store, as their buying information page clearly doesn't state they support Rakuten Borderless or Rakuten International Shipping Service (EMS).

However for Yoshidakaben goods, if you do a search on Rakuten's main site (or the Global Market site) you can definitely find some stores who will be able to ship to SG, meaning they support Rakuten Borderless shipping. Since you didn't indicate clearly what model of bags u're interested to buy from Cool Cat, w/o the necessary info I don't think I'm able to help u here. But there are some ppl in the past who have PM-ed me before and I was able to provide them with a buying link to buy from Rakuten stores which are able to ship overseas. If you can't find the information yrself lemme know via a PM, I will try to help you. (also depending on the model of the bag/wallet/accessory actually, as from what I understand some Rakuten stores that supports Global Market don't stock every single Yoshidakaban line, like what Cool Cat does)

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