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I am currently using the following plan:

SingTel exStream Fibre 100mbps + MIO TV + MIO VOICE

i would like to replace the 2Wire 5012NV with a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND

hopefully u can share some detail.

i also noted that 2wire 5012NV only have 1xGigaBit Ethernet port (GBE), when i connect my gigabit lan equipped PC/ Laptop my speed is
87-92mbps / 42-45mbps when connected to port 2,3,4
100-103mbps / 50-52mbps when connected to port 1 GBE

why 100mbps can't run at full speed for 100base? unless i connect to gigabit 1000mbps???

btw i have a option in mind now.

Opt1 : connect TP-Link TL-WR1043ND or TL-SG1008D to GBE 1st port of 5012NV as the 5012NV need to run for MIO TV and MIO VOICE, if not once i turn off the DHCP on 5012NV my MIO TV/Voice won't run( service down) except internet.

Opt2 : Replace and connect TP-Link TL_WR1043ND directly to SingTel ONT 1port and connect the rest to the like MIO TV Setup box, PC, Laptop (Wired connection preferable) to the TL-WR1043ND. but i guess i will end up no home phone unless i ask SingTel to install a analogue line.

Thanks and seek yr kind sharing.
already like that might as well just bridge the 5012 and get another router
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