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Hey guys. I'm looking for good in-ear earphones to buy. Mostly listen to Adele-type-songs, and some folk music. Some beats as well, but not much. I've been thinking about getting the Klipsch S3 but some review says it's not really that good for pop or something. Which would you guys recommend, the Klipsch S3 or the brainwavz m1/m2?
I was in your situation back then when i was trying to replace my ep360. I currently owned brainwavz m2 and i think its much better with a well-balanced bass. I was deciding between brainwavz M2 and a-jays two but i chose the former cus of the comfort and it matches the quality i'm looking for that is within my budget. I strongly encourage you to audition them. Review is one thing, your personal feel is actually what you're looking for.
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