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Post RE : Forums contact window and sales & RMA reserved items @ service center :

Hi all,

Been checking our forum accounts recently
and realised that its pretty messy.
Here's a break down on our user accounts.

For all tech and general tech related issues, please look for :

For sales and product related info, can look for :
Bluegrass_Corbell, @Corbell

MSI, MSI Twinfrozr club,

Mini-update for my side:
With more responsibilities and piling work, I might not always be able to help check for stocks, special indents or special queries. etc
Please please call in and check instead.

Just for info,
@Corbell is a new Corbell featured tag which will be used by
the sales and marketing dept.
Product and sales info will generally come from them.

For chit-chat, can contact me. (J/K)

Regarding RMA and sales/RMA reservation :

Do not wish go too in-depth into this actually.
Just note that standard RMA periods are usually 6-8weeks.
It is basically an industry standard.
The item is not sent individually which many have that misconception.
Its accumulated and sent in bulk as a whole.
More info, feel free to check with us

More important part is this.
Pertaining to RMA/sales reservation.
I saw a big stack of cards and accessories ranging from
GPUs for exchange, GPUs for loan, 24pin/8pin& SATA modular cables,
and even case accessories.

After checking with the tech guys, most were reserved by customers who
called in to reserve because it was urgent.
Some were from online users and some were for sales and purchase.

All these "reserved & urgent" stuff will be released within a period of 7 days from now on.
Some users called/PM to reserve saying it was urgent but never appear in the end or maybe they did come but didn't inform the tech guys.
Some were for purchase, some for RMA.
If you already had an arrangement prior to your visit, be it PM/call in,
please identity youself or inform them when you are here so as to avoid any mis-communication.


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