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I am considering between the following three brands:
1) Misubitshi Electric (MXY3A)
2) Mitsubitshi Heavy Industrial (SCM60ZJ-S)
3) Midea Luna 9A2/9A5

Which one will you all recommend?
I am in the same dilemma which of the above 3 models to purchase. In the end I opted for MHI. I had no regrets so far, though I have yet to receive my PUB bill to validate if it is indeed an energy saver.

I had struck Midea Luna out for the savings from Midea was not fantastic, and my new Midea washing machine was so super loud that I would now only wash my laundry during day time. It's not worth taking the risk for the potential savings of $300.

It was a tough choice between ME and MHI. Though both are 4 stars energy saver, from specifications MHI is more energy efficient, MHI is more energy efficient as compare to Daikin too [for my Inverter System 2].

The MHI was super quiet.

Brand Model Type Green Ticks Cooling Capacity (kW) COP* Part Load COP#

Annual Energy Consumption (kWh)1
Estimated Energy Cost ($)2
Full Load Part Load Full Load Part Load
LG A3UQ186FA2 Multi-split (inverter) 4 5.38 4.83 5.59 3270 1372 996 418
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd SRC40ZHX-S Multi-split (inverter) 4 4.17 4.49 6.04 2716 934 827 285
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd SCM45ZJ-S Multi-split (inverter) 4 4.49 4.41 5.47 2978 1226 907 373
Daikin 3MKS50ESG, 3MKS50ESGE Multi-split (inverter) 4 4.97 4.25 5.16 3416 1460 1040 445
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd SCM60ZJ-S Multi-split (inverter) 4 6.17 4.24 5.74 4263 1548 1298 471
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