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in the end, i still opted for ME, as the MHI compressor is too tall.. I afraid that it cannot go out of my window.. Plus, i am using ME in my current flat.. No problems with it so far..

I went down to Queensway/Alexander one day. The helpful uncle there gave me a close to 30 minutes lesson on air-con. He says if i choosing between ME and Midea, it is akin to choosing Sony TV and Akira TV. He recommend me Euroace though, but i quite apprehensive cause i never heard of that brand before. Any air-con expert here used Euroace before?

But in the end, i think it boils down to a reliable agent who will set-up the air-con and trunking.. Opted for a recommended air-con contractor by my wife's uncle instead of Best Tech though the pricing is similar. I prefer a hassle-free experience for my air-con..
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