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When u r in audio hobby long enough, u will know that such graphical test can only be see as a pinch of salt. Such test cannot measure stuff such as soundstage, sound deflated and a lot more. Also different earphone with different impedance will affect the sound output differently...
u guys might wanna consider trying Neutron MP..

few days back some bros mentioned it me d/led n tried the full ver "FREE" on s2...if ya get what i mean..

for 4 days...i ditch my J3 at home, n testing to see whether it live up to what it claims as a audiophile mp...below is my thoughts..

tested using westone w4 with music frm disturbed, oliva Ong, utada hikaru, vividi-4 seasons, mary black, ive mendes...all flac/ i have nvr use other mp available on market so i cant it stock vs cowon's jet vs neutron player..

pardon me for not able to use audiophile jargon/words to express how i feel after testing for 4 days...

Indeed, SQ did impress me with the wow factor..its 32 bit processing somehow makes the yamaha shines..even at no eq, it clearly sounds much much better than the stock player...on par, or if not better than the cowon's....playing ard with EQ/surround/stereo dsp setting = OMFG

The UI, on ur first use, make sure u've got enou hair to pull the player's ui is a pain in da ass to use when compare to the stock n cowon...seriously! But u'll get use to after some hrs...just the initial be warned!...then comes another major cons, it sucks ur batt BIG TIME!!...even my 3500 mah tat use to last avr a day n half now wont last 12 a average 2 hrs of listening, to n back from work...lastly the hiss, that bugging the stock, still can be heard at times...

so does it really sounds tat good n can replace the stock player...YES, definitely, if only SQ is ur first priority n u can live with tat crappy UI..

UI =go to hell!

yet again sound is very subjective to each n everyone! what i like n u might not!

So go try it really sounds that good!

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