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hi guys, im currently stuck between sgn and iphone4s, i would very much prefer sgn thou (bigger screen, sleek design, better processor), just want to know remarks from you sgn users, any significant problems with it?

also.. does it have lots of apps? i heard andriod is having more and more apps and on top of that can get from google store as well, but not sure how true is that.
Go test it out in stores.. I had used iPhone 4s, sorry to say the receptions cmi.. A phone which is unable to hold on to a decent phone call is not a phone (drop calls few time within a 20 mins call)... Feel like a walkie talkie.. Sgn reception is power, I seldom see 2g but 99% having 3G or hspa. Most importantly, after I got sgn, I never receive any SMS from Singtel saying "xxxxxxxxx trying to call u while u r unavailable". When I'm having 4s, I received 4-10 such SMS daily.. A lot of calls due to work..
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