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Go test it out in stores.. I had used iPhone 4s, sorry to say the receptions cmi.. A phone which is unable to hold on to a decent phone call is not a phone (drop calls few time within a 20 mins call)... Feel like a walkie talkie.. Sgn reception is power, I seldom see 2g but 99% having 3G or hspa. Most importantly, after I got sgn, I never receive any SMS from Singtel saying "xxxxxxxxx trying to call u while u r unavailable". When I'm having 4s, I received 4-10 such SMS daily.. A lot of calls due to work..
cool.. i didnt know that iphone4s has such poor reception, now thats another reason for me to deter away from it aha.

More than enough for a user. They usually look less pretty than iOS', but you won't miss anything function wise.
i see.. this does sound positive to me!

anyway for android does it has something like jailbreaking? cuz the apps are not free one right i think, or you guys just source for free apps online?
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