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for the past 1 week,i am a satisfied user of SGN (android) , switched from iPhone 4s (iOS)
love the big & beautiful 5.3" screen. android allows convenient ways to upload pics via social networks through many platforms. but it is much restricted over on iOS.viewing google earth on SGN is beautiful.

my friends like it too,but they find it too big.
battery wise,it was bad at first till i downloaded an app "2x battery".
strongly recommended.

if you are someone who care about audio/sound quality,get iPhone.
SGN is close,but iPhone is better.
and the battery on SGN is replaceable.
well i actually care more about the apps/camera aspect, browser wise i heard iphone is slightly better but to me as long as its not slow i will be very satisfied. gotta say im a iphone hater since practically everyone's using it! too common IMO
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