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Hey hi note users! hoping to get a note soon but i got a question so far i fail to do it while trying out at the stores. i posted this elsewhere but im going to ask here too! can help me? sorry im a noob andriod user =x

"...In the YouTube video link above posted by Samsungmobile, the second part showed a tracing technique on the Note which the user is able to place a photo within a memo followed by drawings on it then finally the removal of the original picture leaving the drawings on the memo. Sadly, I was not able to perform it on the Note at a Samsung mobile store. I placed a photo on it, did some tracing over the outline. Then when i tried to move the image in the background, I can't! Tried a couple of times but still no success."

everyone is queing just to try out the note. its amazing!
after you copied and traced the picture. can be done halfway during your trace as well.

press and hold the image, you should be able to move or delete the image,.
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