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I have high astigmatism (300 degrees apparently) on my left eye.

Before this I had an operation for keractoconus (its called crosslinking where they scrape a layer of my cornea. drop vitamin b2 eye drops in my eye for half an hr and then shine a blue laser on it.) on July 7th 2009.

Is it true there is not such thing as toric lenses for people with astigmatism as high as mine?

Thats what an optician in Northpoint Shopping center told me. I'm not sure if its true or its because I did not wish to wait the 2-3 days for the proper lenses to be ordered in.

For now I'm using a normal +3.25 TrueEye Accuvue Contact lens for my left eye. It feels comfortable for now.

I am trying this range for the first time because 2 years ago when I last wore lenses there was only Accuvue 2 Moist which I found too dry after only 6 hours of usage(7.30am-1.45pm).

A normal work day would last till 6pm so the earliest I can get back home to change to spectacles would be 7pm.

My right eye my degree is 525 which is normal. My left eye depends on my right eye to focus.

For me the vision in my left eye is sort of double. I will see a faint outline repeated object below the original object.
Crosslinking is a relatively new technique and ur condition may recur. You can always request for hard lenses. Hard lenses would provide better vision for patients like yourself. It may not be as comfortable in the beginning though. Double vision on the affected eye is one thing you cannot avoid. Try hardlenses first as there are cases where they can achive very good vision.
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