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Oh actually I did read up. There are quarterly disposable lenses called Coopervison Preference Toric XR range that can suit my power -1.25 cyl -3.25 axis 80 prescription for my left eye. But since it's hard to get and expensive I will stick to regular non Toric lenses as I prefer the daily changing of lenses. Hey but if there are such lenses on market one can only hope they become more common until acuvue or cibavision freshlooks carry them one day too.

I just want to know how much the contact lenses technology has progressed over the 2 years that I was unable to wear them comfortably due to feeling the lens very itchy and foreign object like in my left eye
Bro u got to understand that u are in singapore. Not all lenses are available here. Ur case is kekratoconus and the itchy feeling u get could be due to ur cornea being too steep. These soft lenses you're wearing are too flat for your conea curvature. That is why u get all the irritation. Go try out hard lenses. U may feel better.
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