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Bro u got to understand that u are in singapore. Not all lenses are available here. Ur case is kekratoconus and the itchy feeling u get could be due to ur cornea being too steep. These soft lenses you're wearing are too flat for your conea curvature. That is why u get all the irritation. Go try out hard lenses. U may feel better.
Actually I re-started to wear back contact lenses cause my specs broke. I will go back to my normal specs once they get the nose bridge repaired. Just curious that's all.

Anyway contact lenses are vanity items. My jobscope does not require me to wear lenses to look good.

Imagine you wear lenses then suddenly a server goes down you really don't get to sleep or even go home unless the server comes back up.Its hazardous for the eyes man.

Its just good to know what sort of lenses there are nowadays so if I want to cosplay or just wear lenses to look good while on holiday overseas I can also. Hence dailys are good because its less hassle while traveling and cleaner too.
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