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im confused:-
i bought my SGP Ultra Optic protector last friday, today i put my GN in the front pant pocket and theres a coin in the pant, when i took out the GN, theres a long scratch on the protector..i i thought the SGP was scratch proof wasted 15 on that..

at least you wasted $15 with a scratch on the SP.
imagine you din't use a SP, and the one being scratched will be your screen then that will cost you $100-$200++ to replace.

so wasting that $15 is worth it.

Sian man ...

Saw a few uncles buying SGN White at VC

Worry that SGN becomes more and more popular
why worry? isn't it good if it's more popular? anyway, the numbers of SGN is still quite low, when i stand in the train, i only see myself carrying it in the cabin. looking ard me, most are still from the iCamp. so chill bro...

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