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i'd say get the note if you do not mind the size.
the screen is so beautifully crisp that once i pick it up i find it hard to put it down even though i'm sitting in front of my computer.
i've no regrets getting the note and i doubt any phones can easily replace the note at the moment unless some company decides to release a quad-core 5" phone in direct competition to samsung (who have spent probably millions advertising for the note as you can see from the hype and advertisements all over the world).

personally, i've never owned a s2 but the s2 is great is its own way being the king-of-the-hill in its class, fast, responsive and great clarity on the screen.
although after getting the note and i take a look at the s2, i feel that its too small.
design and build wise, i feel that the note is of a sleeker design and generally feels more well-built and more sturdy than the s2.

hope this helps!
Hm i'm not sure what age has got to so with the handphone you use.. but if you're 19, your hands are large enough to hold the SGN.. so you can get it
SGN for uncle aunties, get SGS2 still got chance to sneak and use in class

Thanks,i will consider all your points!
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