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There are many different types of hdb antenna. Those old HDB blocks with unfiltered antenna will be very good for HD reception. If you can receive the indonesian channel from your hdb antenna, then you will have very good chance receiving hd5 perfectly.
2nd type will be filtered hdb antenna. Those antenna had some frequency jammer to disrupt those indonesian / malaysian free to air channel. You won't be able to receive hd5.
3rd type will be SCV installed antenna. Again, there are frequency jammers to disrupt signals. HD5 is not possible.
My block is using this 3rd type antenna.

Answering to the above post, there are differences between using booster powered antena vs normal antenna. If I turn off the power, I can't receive the HD5. But if I turn on, I'm able to receive it. And I'm using PCI DTV card btw. Last time I run some application that able to detect the signal quality of the DVB-T, and a good quality booster powered antenna really make the difference.
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