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Hm.. after knowing that there is a choice to switch between scv and hdb antenna, I did some tinkering. To cut the story short, since i'm not subscribing to scv, I'm on hdb antenna now

Now on HDB antenna, I received perfect HD5 signal, together with the other 3 digital signals (Ch5, CNA, Ch8).
Interestingly, on the HDB antenna, I received perfect local channels, but nothing (or very weak signals) on the foreign channels, except TV2 Malaysia. This is quite strange, considering that my indoor antenna captures near perfect quality of for some of the indonesian channels. So, think HDB is using some kind of band pass frequency filter or some other technique. But I strongly believe they're using band pass filter, because it's very unlikely that I see nothing on the other foreign channels.

This is also to correct my above statement, there is no jammer on hdb antenna.

However, SCV is using those frequencies used by foreign tv for their own transmission. That's why the moment I inserted the scv cable to my indoor antenna, all the foreign signal disappeared, because it's being disrupted by the scv transmission.

Here are some frequency scan that I just tabulated (Mhz)
Available through hdb antenna:
175.25 : Channel 5
196.25 : Channel 8
210.25 : TV2 Malaysia (you won't get this through scv cable)
224.25 : Suria
495.25 : Vasantham
527.25 : Channel U
543.25 : Okto
559.25 : CNA (interestingly, if using scv, CNA is moved to 503.25)
538 : Digital Ch5, CNA, Ch8
610 : Digital HD5 (1080i), HD5 MHT_Test, HD5 MHT_720p

Additionally, if you're using SCV cable, you'll get the preview channel at 487.25 Mhz

Using the indoor antenna, facing south, I received the following:
182.25 : TVRI
503.25 : MetroTV
511.25 : TV3 Malaysia
631.25 : MNCTV
647.25 : RCTI
663.25 : Trans TV
679.25 : SCTV
711.25 : Batam TV
759.25 : Global TV

I believe if I put the antenna facing north, I should be able to receive more malaysian channels

I heard some HDB able to receive indonesian channel using their rooftop antenna. These may be unfiltered type.

u already answer your own question~ they dun filter off foreign frequencies, its the facing or the orientation of the antennas~ the surrounding & terrain also can affect the reception~

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